Update Covid-19

Coronavirus Policy COVID-19

  At SP Safety Solutions we are aware that the world has changed around us. Since construction work has been deemed an essential service, we have made a list of ideas you should consider:  

Ÿ Take every precaution possible to ensure workers are not at risk of being infected with COVID-19. 

Ÿ Where possible, limiting work areas to one trade at a time.    

Ÿ Requiring 6’ distance between people on sites and in meetings, wherever possible   

Ÿ Ensure rigorous washroom cleaning with disinfectant    

Ÿ Providing visible directions to where people can wash their hands.    

Ÿ Encouraging regular hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers.    

Ÿ Provide training on health issues of the coronavirus to include prevention of illness, initial disease symptoms, preventing the spread of the disease, and when it is appropriate to return to work after illness. Communicating information with non-English speaking employees or those with disabilities will be considered    

Ÿ Disease containment plans and expectations should be shared with employees.    

Ÿ Communicating information with non-English speaking employees or those with disabilities.    

Ÿ Encouraging workers to stay at home when ill, when having to care for ill family members, or when caring for children when schools close, without fear of reprisal.    

Ÿ In the event that a workers presents signs or symptoms of the illness, they should be sent home, encouraged to self-isolate and will not be allowed on a SP Safety Solutions work site for a minimum of 15 days.    

Ÿ Encouraging workers to adhere to directives/advisement from Public Health Agencies, National Government, Ministry of Health, Provincial Governments or other authorities having jurisdiction.    

Ÿ Posting the Ontario 2019 Coronavirus Poster on our sites.    

Ÿ Where possible, commonly touched surfaces or areas, i.e. hoist controls, door handles etc. will be disinfected as necessary.    

Ÿ Encourage workers not to share hand tools where possible. If not possible, the tools should be sanitized.    Ÿ Staggering breaks at different times and in different locations to avoid groups of workers assembling.    

Ÿ Where possible, holding meetings outside or in an area that allows for social distancing.    

Ÿ Where possible, try to arrange work so that it does not have to be done with a co-worker(s).        

This is a serious virus. Self isolation is the only way to slow this down. Workers may be a carriers and have no symptoms. We need to take action now before we overload the Healthcare System. Isolate yourself as much as possible. We can work together to overcome this crisis.