​Health & Safety Policies & Programs


Health & safety policies & programs provide operating guidelines that prevent accidents and fatalities. We assist with:

  • The development of health and safety policies in accordance with legislative requirements
  • The development of comprehensive yet simple and easy to use programs to ensure implementation of your polices
  • The development of an Employee Health and Safety Manual
  • Ensuring your policies remain current with legislative requirements
  • Health and safety expertise & best practices
  • and so much more...

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Employee Orientation


Injury statistics show that we must make the safety of our youth our top priority. Our team members meet with new employees providing them with a copy of the company Health and Safety Manual and instruction on company health and safety polices and procedures. We provide employers with proof of communication and understanding for their records.


Safety Training

Safety training promotes a greater awareness of hazards, their consequences and steps and procedures that can be taken to prevent accidental mishaps. Building safety into the culture of a business starts with a recognition of potential problems and is solved through effective knowledgeable training. 



Site Inspections

SP Safety consultants conduct comprehensive site inspections regularly throughout the year on your jobsites. The inspections focus on risk identification, signage requirements, personal protective equipment and worker concerns. On completion a written report will be issued with recommendations on what course of action needs to be taken.

Contact us today to schedule your site inspections, we'll appraise your workers of best safety practices, answer questions and leave you feeling confident that you have done everything to ensure the safety of your workers on your site.


Accident Investigation

In the event of an accident, when requested, SP Safety will send an investigator who is experienced in accident causation, investigative techniques, and who is fully knowledgeable of the work processes, procedures, and the roles and responsibilities of workplace parties. We liaise with authorities to determine the underlying causes resulting in the accident and to develop safe work procedures to ensure the accident will not be repeated.


Phone or Email Consultation

SP Safety Solutions has extensive knowledge of and experience in construction industry health and safety. We're focused on providing comprehensive and practical assistance to all types and sizes of construction companies. We can show you how to apply best practices and world-class prevention strategies to your operations, regardless of your company’s size.

We also offer safety advice and consultation via email or phone. Our experienced staff is available to answer a broad range of questions about construction health and safety procedures and regulations.

For all inquiries please contact us: 1-613-259-5575


Site Specific Safety Plans (SSSP)

Site Specific Safety Plans (SSSP)

Constructors are responsible for the safety of all workers on a project. To ensure safety on the jobsite they are commonly requesting SSSP’s from their subcontractors.


Safety Audits

Construction safety audits provide an assessment of the current state of an organization's site safety program. An audit will identify areas and procedures that are out of date or need improvement.

We offer several audit options that work in conjunction with other safety programs to ensure continuous safety precautions and procedures.

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